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Finiko ``CTI``

The Finiko

A “CTI” is a Trading Index Product that can be purchased. This Index will produce daily (workdays only) dividends. A CTI costs $ 1,000, but needs to be purchased in increments of 20 (increased per Dec 20th 2020). So the actual entry level investment for CTI is $ 20,000. On average the returns will be ~ 1% = ± 22% p/m.

Finiko ``CTI2``

The Finiko

CTI2 (a.k.a “Index 2”) is comparable to CTI, but has a lower risk class and less returns than CTI. It also has a lower entry point. CTI2 produces daily (workdays) dividends. A CTI2 costs $ 1,000, and can be purchased in increments of 1. The returns will be ~ 0.5% per trading day + ± 0.1% per day in $FNK tokens. ± 12% p/m.


The Finiko

The idea behind the .PRODUCT product is to help you save money for a big(ger) purchase(s). You invest for example 30% of the required amount and after 6 months you receive 100% thanks to Finiko’s traders.


The Finiko

The idea behind the .LIFE product is to give you regular payments during a maximum of 12 months. This could be to settle monthly bills. You can choose payments once a week, month, quarter, 6 months or per year.

Some highlights and comments about the packages

In summary; CTI deposits can be done in multiples of 20 ($ 1000 each) and you will get daily profits Monday to Friday. The profit is on average 21% up to 24% per month. CTI2 has a lower entry point of 1K$ per index. Other relevant terms and conditions:

  • The minimum contribution for .PRODUCT is $ 155
  • Reinvestment in CTI (compounding) can be done in multiples of 20 CTI’s
  • CTI’s provides you with daily profits (weekdays), which you can see in your personal account
  • The minimum withdrawal of funds from the wallet (profits) is $ 100
  • If you sell your CTI(‘s), that amount can be withdrawn after 21 business days
  • CTI Profits can be withdrawn every day and will hit your wallet in 72-96 hours
  • Please note that the more often you withdraw, the withdrawal fee will increase. Therefor, watch the % closely to avoid paying an increased fee. If you perform weekly withdrawals, it’s 3%

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