About Cash FX Group

CashFX is led by an international team of experts in project management and the financial industry. Their experts are seniors in the educational area. And focussed on helping people to master the necessary knowledge of trading to be successful. Cash FX combines assisted trading systems with algorithms in the financial markets of Forex, Network Marketing, and Interactive Educational Programs. And with this; creating a unique experience for it’s users.

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Huascar Cash FX

Company founder

  • The CEO is Huascar Jose Lopez (facebook, Linkedin) and one of their strategic partners (and a personal friend of Huascar) is Ron Pope (Facebook, LinkedIn. owner Conversion Pro’s, involved in the Marketing side of things).
  • Huascar made many video’s and interviews which are publicly available, like the video below from CryptoAnalyzer (Youtuber). Also in the video is Ron Pope which officially supports CashFX.

Important highlights of Cash FX

  • CashFX aims to be as transparent as it can be, but not giving away their “secret sauce”.
  • CashFX trades the Forex market, Forex, also known as foreign exchange, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market where all the world’s currencies trade. The margins are thin but are definitely there as it’s a trade method that has been around for quite a while.
  • CashFX has real (human) traders. We’ve seen this during their live trading event and videos can be seen on Youtube.
  • They are partnered with Brokers and Partners who are regulated by Financial institutions and Authorities (CashFX itself is not regulated).
  • Their Trading Academy Packs (TAP) are accredited by formal institutions.
  • The Minister of Education in Panama is also Involved in the accreditation process of the courses. So they are working alongside the government.
  • They have the best lawyer in the MLM industry onboard to check regulation requirements and to make sure the company stays compliant.
  • They have one of the top SEC authorities (USA) looking over the shoulders too, to ensure all are in compliance.

Disclaimer: I’m personally 100% convinced that Cash FX is a legitimate company with a real sustainable business model (Or I wouldn’t have invested personally). None of the highlights above suggest that this company will last forever, rather they are a step in the right direction as they maximize the longevity and sustainability of the company. We can never guarantee 100% success.

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