About The Finiko

Finiko is a licensed investment company that makes profit on investment capital and shares a part of the profit with its investors. If you want to join Finiko, I would appreciate it if you used my referral link. This will not have any impact on your ROI or earnings, thank you.

The main focus of The Finiko at this moment in time is Russia. Therefor, a lot of details on their website are in the Russian Language. This will change over time.


Company founder

The founder of Finiko is Kirill Doronin. He’s a very smart fellow and a powerful business coach, a leading loan lawyer and a successful entrepreneur from the city Kazan. He currently owns and operates a law firm and a construction cabins rental company.

Finiko’s Management Team

Head Trader

Edward Sabirov

Head of the Trading Department and Lead Trader who sets out Finiko’s trading strategy

Executive Director

Zygmunt Ryshardovich

Executive Director and is responsible for the “daily” management of Finiko

Head Cashback Cards

Marat Sabirov

Head of Cashback Cards Department, which is strategic for Finiko and in development

Most important highlights

  • Finiko is a well known Russian company in the Financial Services industry and are established since January 2018. Their primary focus is to provide loans for large / expensive items like boats, cars and property (real estate)
  • Finiko has 43 traders. We’ve seen some of the top traders live during one of their live trading events and recordings that can be seen on YouTube
  • They have a staggering (and growing) 300+ offices expanding globally. Thats pretty impressive!!
  • They have their own debit card and offer a cashback system (Russia only at the moment)
  • The CEO is Kirill Doronin and has held many presentations and has a strong presence on YouTube and other Social Media platforms, you can go check them out as well but most are in the Russian language
  • They host regularly Ask Me Anythings and other events
  • The minimum deposit for their main trading service, “CTI” is $ 3,000 USD. Finiko has recently introduced new services which have an entry level of ~ 155 USD

Disclaimer: I’m personally 100% convinced that Finiko is a legitimate company with a real sustainable business model (Or I wouldn’t have invested personally). None of the highlights above suggest that this company will last forever, rather they are a step in the right direction as they maximize the longevity and sustainability of the company. We can never guarantee 100% success.


Ready to start?!

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