Cash FX - Brief introduction

Something different, something new…

Welcome to the Cash FX section of my website! In this part I will share my experiences with Cash FX up to now, a project in which i invested since July 2019. In short Cash FX has two ways of investing: 1) The “passive” investment (bear capital) which results in a (net) 160% return and the optional 2) the “active” investment (bull capital). Which requires you to build a network of investors around you. If successful, the “active” option will give you an additional (net) 160% return over a ± 4,5 month term (320% in total, capped). Please use a account when signing up, read more.

Important notice: When you invest, you not only gain profits but you also accept a certain risk. Risk of losing your investment. Therefore; only invest what you are comfortable to loose.


Fast payments

Each week, after the foreign exchange closes, the trade values will be credited to the accounts.


Exclusive tools

Through Autotrader, Web Indicator, Web TV and other tools, CashFX shows their operations and analyses.


Top notch trading algorithm

CashFX has built an algorithm which adapts to the volatile market and delivers a safe and secure platform



CashFX is committed to provide maximum transparency throughout development, services & payments

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Your success = my success. Let's team up!