CashFX offers the following Elemental Trade Academy Packages

Elemental 300

Cash FX 300 Pack

Academy Pack 90
Trade Pool Deposit 210
Leadership Program 150PV

Elemental 500

Cash FX 500 Pack

Academy Pack 150
Trade Pool Deposit 350
Leadership Program 250PV

Elemental 1K

Cash FX 1K Pack

Academy Pack 300
Trade Pool Deposit 700
Leadership Program 500PV

Elemental 2K

Cash FX 2K Pack

Academy Pack 600
Trade Pool Deposit 1,400
Leadership Program 1,000PV

CashFX offers the following Supreme Trade Academy Packages

Supreme 5K

Cash FX 5K Pack

Academy Pack 1,500
Trade Pool Deposit 3,500
Leadership Program 2,500PV

Supreme 10K

Cash FX 10K Pack

Academy Pack 3,000
Trade Pool Deposit 7,000
Leadership Program 5,000PV

Supreme 20K

Cash FX 20K Pack

Academy Pack 6,000
Trade Pool Deposit 14,000
Leadership Program 10,000PV

CashFX offers the following Advanced Trade Academy Packages

Advanced 30K

Cash FX 30K Pack

Academy Pack 9,000
Trade Pool Deposit 21,000
Leadership Program 15,000PV

Advanced 50K

Cash FX 50K Pack

Academy Pack 15,000
Trade Pool Deposit 35,000
Leadership Program 25,000PV

Advanced 100K

Cash FX 100K Pack

Academy Pack 30,000
Trade Pool Deposit 70,000
Leadership Program 50,000PV

Some highlights and comments about the packages
  • When you buy a package, it will run for ± 8 months. The exact term depends on when the 160% (net) profits are reached; could be 8 months based on the past returns.
  • When you’ve bought a package, it is possible to step-up to a higher package mid-term. You simply increase your package from 300 to 500 by investing the difference (in this case $200).
  • Investments in CashFX Plans are always in Bitcoin. Profits are always distributed in Bitcoin. If you need support in any way; please reach out through one of the ways shown below.
  • Useful Cash FX links: About | Plans | Join | Contact me
  • Important: Please use a to sign up

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